Jessica Aitkens Photography

Jessica Aitkens Photography

Jessica Aitkens Photography

Jessica Aitkens Photography

Hi Sarah, I took Chezzie out for his first ride since having the EasyShoes put on, and he’s a different horse! They are really working for him ... I’m really over the moon about this solution ... I think Chezzie will have many happy active years left after all!
— Wendy Moore

A step in the right direction...


Sarah Kuyken offers innovative hoof care services to the Yarra Valley and Eastern Suburbs of Victoria, Australia. These services include barefoot trimming, remedial / rehabilitative hoof care, laser tips, polyurethane shoeing, equicasting, and more. She is a current PhD candidate with a long list of credentials including a Bachelor of Animal Science and Management, a Master of Animal Science, an International Baccalaureate Diploma, and a Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy. While Sarah works on a range of pleasure, pathological and performance horses, her main passion lies with Endocrinopathic Laminitis cases. 


For years now the barefoot vs steel shoes debate has raged, but what if there's another way? What if there are many other ways? We are big believers in the old expression "there's more than one way to skin a cat". While our paradigm is principally barefoot, we know this doesn't always suit every horse and every owner in every situation, especially for performance and severe pathologies. We pride ourselves on learning alternative approaches that compliment barefoot paradigms, but recommend other farriers who specialise in traditional shoeing where we feel it might be warranted. 


"I don't know what else to say but THANK YOU! I'm getting all teary. Some said it couldn't be done. But we did it! I just wanted to publicly announce that you went above and beyond the normal call of duty today and I for one really appreciate it. I'm sure a certain chestnut pony will one day too." - Rachel Lawes

"I've had so much trouble trying to find a farrier that my horse would behave with. The last two male farriers hit my horse and one of the two even bought his dog who bit my horse. I was not impressed and my horse and i were so stressed. I found Sarah on Facebook and she came out to see my horse. Never in the time that I have owned Bundy have I seen him so calm, he was falling asleep with his head in my arms. She did an amazing job. I highly recommend her." - Monique Bell

"Not only does she know what she's doing, but she's also very informative on a lot of equine subjects. I learn something new every time she comes out to trim the beasts. Sarah's the best and will keep on recommending her to anyone and everyone" - Trisha Darling

"Thank you for putting up with my two nosey boys and their constant attempts to either remove your hat, eat your hair, or lick you to death!! We love your work. " - Trudi Lenehan